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I hope you enjoy your time while looking through these images. What you see on these pages represents the adventures from the past decade that I have traveled our planet. The images are of the natural world that we are blessed to be living in, and I believe it is crucially important for each of us to respect, enjoy and preserve these places and species as they exist today.

I began photography in 2000. Back then, digital photography was still in its early development, so I learned to photograph with film cameras. The following years I worked in photo labs, studied the work of other artists, learned the ins and outs of photography, practiced my craft and switched to digital photography in its fairly early stages.

It is my utmost purpose to present you an image that gathers the special moment that existed in time, an amazing place I was in, a unique approach and interpretation of the scene, as well as the emotions that went through me whilst it all took place. The final result, therefore, is of that magical moment the way I feel and interpret it.

My travels and adventures have taken me around the world. I hail from the forest covered lake land called Finland, however, in the past decade I've committed my life to explore and photograph our planet to the extent that I have found myself able to financially. My travels have taken me to almost every country in Europe, through Siberia to Mongolia, China and Tibet, all the way to South America.

My most extensive explorations, and image galleries thereof, are from the great North America. It is the most inspiring natural world and piece of land that exists on the planet. The nature of North America is so extremely diverse that there are no other places needed to soothe the soul of a nature photographer. From the abundant sea life of the Pacific Ocean to the rugged west coast with its countless beaches, coastal mountains and lush forests with the tallest trees in the world, through the high, glacier-carved mountains and unique granite formations and oldest living trees down to the extremely hot deserts and vast plains with their fantastic canyons, North America truly has it all.

I have been fortunate to be able to explore the lands of North America and many others, and to witness the magical light and fleeting moments in time. What remains, are the memories and recordings of the moments on this website. What follows, is the next adventure.

Jussi Ruottinen

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